PEARLS OF WHITE TRUFFLE OIL, (Tuber magnatum Pico) encapsulated condiment

This condiment uses the unique encapsulation technology of White Truffle flavoured extra virgin olive oil.

Excellent on any recipe that calls for raw oil, even on hot dishes, with the advantage of presentation in pearls: sushi and sashimi, smoked and fresh salmon, fillets, fish and meat carpaccio and tartare, salads, fresh cheeses, foie gras, pasta dishes, crostini, blinis, canapés.

Can be stored at room temperature until opened. We recommend 1 teaspoon per serving. with 200g product >60 servings.

Ingredients and allergens

Encapsulated ‘truffle flavoured oil’ seasoning

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil 96%, water, gelling agent: E401, white truffle flavouring, stabiliser: E509, acidifier: E330, preservative: E202. MAY CONTAIN SESAME AND NUTS.

Weight: 50g, 200g

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50g, 200g