TartufLanghe is a company based in Piedmont, Italy that specializes in producing and distributing high-quality truffle products. The company was founded in 1968 and has since become a leading producer of truffle-based products, including truffle oil, truffle butter, truffle salt, and fresh truffles.

TartufLanghe sources its truffles from the forests of Piedmont, which are renowned for their rich, earthy flavor and aroma. The company uses traditional methods of harvesting and processing the truffles, which are carefully selected by expert truffle hunters and chefs.

Some of TartufLanghe’s most popular products include:

Truffle Oil: TartufLanghe produces a range of truffle oils, which are made by infusing high-quality olive oil with the flavor and aroma of fresh truffles. These oils can be used to add a rich, savory flavor to a variety of dishes, including pasta, risotto, and roasted vegetables.

Truffle Butter: Made with fresh cream and black truffles, TartufLanghe’s truffle butter is a luxurious addition to any meal. It can be used to add flavor and richness to dishes like steak, mashed potatoes, and grilled vegetables.

Truffle Salt: TartufLanghe’s truffle salt is made by blending sea salt with finely chopped black truffles. It can be used as a finishing salt to add a subtle truffle flavor to dishes like scrambled eggs, roasted meats, and salads.

Fresh Truffles: TartufLanghe also offers a selection of fresh truffles, including black truffles and white truffles, which are available during the truffle hunting season (typically from October to December). These truffles can be used to add a decadent and aromatic flavor to a variety of dishes.

Overall, TartufLanghe is known for its high-quality and authentic truffle products, which are prized by chefs and food enthusiasts around the world.